Design Packages

Sustainable Drainage Centre want to do all we can to make sure that your new soakaway is designed correctly and fit for purpose. You can be assured that when you work with us your will receive first class service from our experienced Civil Engineers.

Our 'off the shelf' approach to soakaway design allows you to select the service that is most suitable to your project. This service is excellent for DIY/self builds, builders, contractors, architects and planners.

There are five different packages available. These include:

For Drainage Areas over 500m2 we recommend you contact us.

How it works..........

Measure the area to be drained to the new soakaway.

Select the package that corresponds with the measurement. For example, you want to drain roof water runoff from a new extension to a soakaway. The extension measures 5m wide x 7m long making the drainage area 35m2. Therefore choose and purchase Package 1.

Once purchased email us at providing the following information:

  • Full address and post code of the project,
  • Exact area to be drained to the new soakaway
  • The site sub-soil profile or ground percolation test result*,
  • Any site specific constraints we need to be made aware of eg, high ground water table etc.

We provide you with your soakaway design within 1 working week.

* The sub soil profile is the easiest way to determine the infiltration rate of the soil. This can be found by visiting the Soilscapes Website. Once on the site input your postcode in the search criteria. Click 'view soil type' and provide us with the soil texture explanation eg, loamy clay. You MUST ensure that this method is acceptable to your Building Control Officer prior to instructing us to undertake the design. Should you wish to undertake a percolation test then it must either be carried out in accordance with BRE-365 guidance or to British Standard. Please contact us for additional assistance to establish your soil infiltration rate.

What you will receive:

Once we have undertaken your soakaway design we will provide you with the following information:

  • Soakaway Calculations
  • Indicative layout showing the dimensions of the new soakaway(s)
  • Soakaway Construction Details