Drainage & Civil Engineering

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Drainage Consultancy Service

Advice and Design:

Soakaway Solutions are able to offer you advice for the best products to suit your needs, but for sites which require a bespoke design service, we can provide you with guidance through every step of the way. From advice pre-planning, right through to maintenance of the installed product, we are able to provide you with tailored help that is specific to your site and your needs.

Value Engineering:

There are times where restrictive factors of a project, such as the physical land available or tight financial constraints for example, mean that simply using multiple ‘off-the-shelf’ products, which rely on ‘rule of thumb’ principals, may not be the most cost effective way of meeting your sustainable drainage requirements. In these circumstances, we are able to provide a bespoke solution that meets all of your design requirements whilst working with any site constraints you may have. Often it can be found that the relatively low additional cost of having a bespoke system designed for your needs is frequently a far more cost effective solution. By using our design services, you can ensure the impact of your sustainable drainage system can be mitigated, maximising the developable land available and providing a system that is designed to be optimised to provide the exact capacity to meet your requirements.

What we can offer:

For maximum benefit, we would always recommend you request our design services as early on in the development process as possible. By far the most substantial benefits can be made when the site is in its most flexible stages, e.g. before planning permission has been granted or before any detailed design has been started.

We are able to offer advice and design solutions right the way through from the earliest feasibility stages, right the way through the development process up until (in some circumstances) substantial completion.

We can provide you with any level of assistance from advice through to full detailed design on:

  • Drainage networks, either private or in accordance with Sewers for adoption (Either to 6th or 7th Edition and the differences each of these requirements can make to your proposals)
  • Private or communal soakaway systems
  • Detention, Attenuation and infiltration drainage elements and networks
  • Private or communal Rainwater harvesting systems and grey water applications
  • Permeable paving surfaces
  • Sustainable land irrigation systems
  • Code for sustainable homes drainage design
  • Operation and maintenance of any of the products featured on the site
  • Liaison with overseeing authorities (including Planning, Water or Highway authorities)
  • Liaison with your appointed professional service providers (Architects, Service Engineers, Landscape Architects etc.)

Please contact us to take advantage of any of these great, excellent value for money services.