Foul Water Soakaways and Sewerage Treatment

Soakaway Solutions can also assist with the design of more complex foul water drainage systems where conventional drainage is not an option.

Sometimes due to the remoteness of a property, it is not always possible to disharge foul water to a piped sewerage system such as adopted mains drainage.

When this situation arrises, alternative 'off grid' systems must be considered. The most popular way of disposing of foul water is to use a package sewerage treatment unit. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and contain friendly bacteria that break down pollutants within foul water runoff. This is essential before treated effluent may be discharged to a ditch, watercourse of soakaway.

Foul water soakaways must be constructed in accordance with Building Regulations Document 'Part H'. The method for the design of foul soakaways is very different to surface water soakaways, including the way in which they are constructed. Soakaway crates, such as those shown below, are not permitted for use with foul water systems.


Foul water soakaways must be constructed as either drainage fields or drainage mounds and installed to 'Part H' requirements. This involves specific soil testing and calculations to determine the size and suitability of the soakaway. Drainage mounds/fields rely on the contact between the effluent and the soil to ensure any remaining pollutants are broken down, this also helps to contain and control any smells.

Please contact us for assistance with the design of foul water soakaway systems and/or sewerage treatment units.