Garden Flooding

We often have customers contact us regarding issues with waterlogged or flooded gardens.

The solution will often depend on the type of flooding that is occurring.

Most of the time it's simply due to prolonged periods of heavy rainfall where the garden gets saturated and surface water ponds on the grass. This is usually down to poor subsoil, such as cohesive, poorly draining clays. We can assist with designing a comprehensive land drainage system to relieve the topsoil and drain the surface water into the subsoil where it is less problematic. We can also design and specify soakaways and/or sump and pump systems to dispose of problematic surface water in the most cost effective way possible.

Other types of garden flooding can incur from fluvial sources (rivers/streams/watercourses), sewers, groundwater or broken/failed drainage. These type are flood prevention/remediation systems are usually far more complex and can require specialist input.

Please contact us for assistance with garden flood relief or preventative solutions.